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  • Member Registration

    All local members are appreciated to sign up for membership to participate actively in the community events.

  • Volunteer Registration

    Participate and become are responsible member of community by helping us serve the masjid.

  • IAA Center (GYM)

    Exclusive to members of our Allen Masjid Community. Registration is required before booking.

  • Medical Clinic Visit

    All local members are appreciated to sign up for free Medical Clinic visit.

  • Financial Aid

    We help local community members in need.

  • Senior Parking Permit

    Seniors are welcome to the Masjid for their comfort we have permits available. (Limited Parking spots)

  • Marriage Ceremony Request

    Please fill in the form and our religious leader will reach out to you based on availability.

  • Ask Imam

    Our Imams are available to answer any questions under the light of Islamic Shariah laws. (Membership Required)

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